Dude, Have a totally rad 2015

I love the new year. For me, it's a fresh start, a new page a clean slate. I've always made major life decisions and changes on and around the new year, it was never intentional, it just played out that way. In December 1987 I graduated art school and moved to summit county Colorado and took up snowboarding (Dude,it was so rad!). Seven years later, I couldn't complete a sentence without the word dude (or rad) so the day after Christmas, I moved to Chicago to get a 'real' job I ended up on the trading floor where I met my future husband(totally rad Dude!)  Our first date was New Year's Eve. 19 years married and were still going strong.  I took my first sculpture class January of 2000(yes, tots rad!).  I could go on but those are some of the best ... So, that's why I love the new year so much. This year, I'm grateful my classes have been filling up so consistantly, with peeps I adore, so I am adding a new session at the Palette and Chisel on Tuesday evenings. The first one, I think I'll call chop shop, each week we will focus in depth on a feature, eyes, ears, mouth,and my favorite the nose, I hope to see you guys there, it will be totally rad dude!