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2150 S Canalport Studio #2A2, Chicago, IL 60608 Email to register: audry@audryc.com

2150 S Canalport Studio #2A2, Chicago, IL 60608
Email to register: audry@audryc.com


Simon Kogan Sculpture Workshop
Coming March 4 & 5, 2017
2 Days / 9am—4pm
Lacuna Lofts




simon kogan bio

Truth, soul and unpretentious sophistication characterize the work of artist Simon Kogan. Born in Russia, he received 13 years of classical academic training in Moscow, includinga MFA as well as an apprenticeship under renowned sculptor Isaac Brodsky.

Since immigrating to the U.S. in 1991, he has steadily risen to national prominence as a sculptor whose widely acclaimed work - monumental to miniature - reflects a bold, yet poetic pursuit of the archetypal and renders an ethereal quality highly resonant with the viewer. A Fellow of the National Sculpture Society, Simon Kogan has long shared his artistic passion through the teaching of sculpture, painting, anatomy and drawing in the U.S. and abroad.


view simon's work here:


tuition: $400+shared model fee / class size: limited to 10

Composition is often mistaken for design. Designing is thoughtfully organizing placement- it requires an experienced, educated, intelligent eye, taste and certain elegance.  Composing is none of the above. It’s transcending the raw experience and observation, living it all again in a new, unknown form. Composing is a much more carnal, visceral, unruly process, whereas design is much more planned, logical and ruled. Making the block of clay exude emotions is composing – that is the art of sculpting. The workshop will focus on observing the model and sculpting what students have not seen before. Simon will teach students how to breathe emotions into the clay and how to truly experience sculpting.


we look forward to seeing you at this very special workshop!

Audry Cramblit Sculpture Workshop
Coming Aug. 21-23, 2017
3 Days / 9am—4pm
Peninsula School of Art

3900 CO Rd F, Fish Creek, WI 54212

Register at : Peninsula School of Art


Two-dimensional and three-dimensional artists alike will learn simple and engaging techniques to quickly assess, interpret, and create expressive sculpture in this figure-based workshop. Through this process, you will expand your observational skills and improve your proficiency in capturing the figure in any media.

Observing a live, nude model, you will work quickly through multiple sculptures focused on proportion, composition, and design. Demonstrations and exercises will fill each day with one-on-one discussions attuned to skill level, personal goals, and individual expectations.

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Craig Campbell Sculpture Workshop
Coming June, 9 & 10, 2016
2 Days / 9am—4pm
Lacuna Lofts

2150 S Canalport Studio #2A2, Chicago, IL 60608
Email to register: audry@audryc.com

craig campbell bio

Craig Campbell is an artist that has been sculpting professionally for over 20 years. In this time he’s sculpted toys, action figures, collectibles, theme park and zoo exhibits, and bronze commissions for private and public collections. He’s worked in a variety of different materials including concrete, bronze, wax, various clays, foam, and resins. Most recently he worked for Richard Taylor at Weta Workshop in New Zealand on a number of projects including The Hobbit Trilogy Directed by Peter Jackson. Prior to Weta, Craig sculpted at Dodson Studios, NETA (The National Entertainment Collectables Association) and McFarlane Toys.

Craig thoroughly enjoys what he does, and is fortunate to have enough talent to communicate through sculpture. He feels great joy in finding the life inside the materials he sculpts, and, sharing that life with viewers and collectors of his work. Sculpture, for Craig is a journey with no true end. Its mysteries and fascinations are timeless and ageless, and it’s his hope that the wonders and experience of sculpture will live on for generations to come.

view craig's work here:

exhibition gallery

This 2 Day Sculpture Workshop will explore the eternal fascinations of figure sculpting.
Expect to learn how to organize an approach to creating sculpture!

tuition: $575+shared model fee / class size: limited to 12

The class will cover how to construct an armature, how to check your work to ensure that it's anatomically and proportionally correct and how to sculpt from a live model and/or casts — all with plenty of one-on-one instruction. Students have the option to keep the sculptures they make or to photograph their masterpieces and recycle the clay. Students may arrange for finished sculptures to be fired or molded (on their own) if they so choose.

thursday / 6/9 / 9am—4pm

  • discuss syllabus
  • create a sculpting tool  
  • construct armature (as necessary)
  • establish pose
  • collect, review reference materials
  • obtain needed supplies
  • comparative measurements
  • proportion
  • rough-in
  • analyze different clay materials
  • anatomy

friday / 6/10 / 9am—4pm

  • continue sorting anatomy
  • speed sculpting drills
  • hair, fur, feathers & drapery
  • demonstrate finishing techniques
  • adornments, textures, etc
  • discuss hollowing out sculptures ( as necessary)
  • organize photos of sculptures
  • final critique

we look forward to seeing you at this very special workshop!